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Texas Powerball Online

The Texas Lottery is operated by the Texas Government and it is accessible from all over the State. It is run by the TLC (Texas Lottery Commission located in downtown Austin. We offer the most convenient services to all players, now they can play comfortably from their own PC. The first step is subscribe the application, once it is approved we will permit you to select your favorite number and the rest of the task will be taken care on your behalf by our reliable and expert team.

You can sit back comfortably and play your favorite Powerball easily with us. You will be notified once the draw is declared and in case you are the winner of the jackpot, we will send you an email alert instantly, our professional team will contact you and explain you the further process.

About Texas Lottery:

The people in Texas approved an amendment to the constitution of Texas in November 1991 permitting lottery sales in Texas. The commission made unique contest for the logo for Texas Lottery and the winning logo, the cowboy hat is finalized for Texas Lottery. The sales for the Lotto Texas began on November 7th 1992, with the opening drawing on November 14th 1992. The first jackpot was won on 28th November 1992. By 1993 November the Texas Lottery sales exceeded one billion dollars, breaking the Florida Lottery sales.

General rules:
- To play any US lotteries, you must be 18 and above years old.
- The winner must claim the prize money within 180 days after the draw.
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You just need to register an account with us which takes a minute of yours. Choose your lucky numbers and we will carry out the rest.

"Ship My Ticket" service

Should you wish to receive your actual lottery ticket we offer an option to ship it to your desired address via express delivery, so you can be 100% sure your ticket is safe in your hands.

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